The aim of the 8th year of the international scientific conference “MARKETING MANAGEMENT, TRADE, FINANCIAL AND SOCIAL ASPECTS OF BUSINESS” is to create a space for the presentation of theoretical and empirical research of interdisciplinary and international cooperation, for the presentation of experiences and knowledge from abroad as well as examples of practice in the field of social aspects of business and new challenges of the economy and business development. Within the individual sections of the conference, attention will also be paid to the socio-political aspects of the pandemic and, within them, to the issue of gender equality and the specifics of social work during the pandemic. Last but not least, the intention of the conference is to stimulate a scientific discussion in the field of management, marketing, trade or financial aspects of business in the context of the digital society, socio-demographic characteristics of the labor market and sustainable development.

The international scientific conference with foreign participation will create a discussion platform for a wide range of academics, researchers from universities and colleges, as well as experts from business practice. University students of the same and related study programs are also welcome. A wider common platform will contribute to fulfilling the idea of meaningful cooperation between theory and practice, improving the quality of university study programs, networking and mutual positive inspiration of experts from practice, scientific workers, pedagogues, doctoral students and students.