fee: 150€ for a contribution and one active participation

  • the fee applies to one contribution regardless of the number of authors (max. 4 co-authors)
  • in case of active participation of other co-authors, please write to us at info.mtsconference@gmail.com

The conference fee (registration fee/fee for publishing) will not be refunded.

The publication of a contribution in a collection of scientific papers is conditioned on a successful review process and a personal presentation of the contribution, as well as payment of fees until 26 June 2023 to the relevant account number (IBAN) by bank transfer and successful review procedure.

Payment Method

  • The conference fee (registration fee/fee for publishing) have to be paid until 26 June 2023 only by bank transfer to the following account number (IBAN).
  • After the payment an invoice will be issued. You will receive the invoice up on registration on the day of the commencement of the conference 21 September 2023.

Bank details

Recipient: Pro Oeconomica, n. o.
Identification Number: 45 735 395
Variable Symbol: 22092023
Message for Recipient/Specification of Payment:
PaperID – Name/Names and Surname/Surnames of conference attendees for which the fee is paid (ID00X – Name Surname)

Conference Financial Management

Ing. Jozef LUKÁČ, PhD. – contact person, University of Economics in Bratislava, SK
e-mail: info.mtsconference@gmail.com
tel .: +421 55 722 3251